Cubs Trade Mailday Adds Plenty of New Cards

Trade maildays have been few and far between lately with my schedule. A bubble mailer arrived today from Joe in New York, and it was packed with some goodies, and plenty of new cards for the collection.


First, some new Javier Baez cards. There were five Baez cards total and two new ones including a 2017 Topps glove work Insert and a 2018 Opening Day foil.

Some Kris Bryant cards inside as well. The 2016 Topps Record Setters and 2017 Topps MVP inserts are new for me.

The other half of Bryzzo is represented with this 2013 Topps Heritage rookie cup.

Here is a 2000 Topps Prospects card featuring Corey Patterson.


And there’s a young Josh Hamilton before his off the field problems sidelined his career a bit.

Another trifecta, this one all Cubs from 2017 Bowman. It’s a Talent Pipeline Insert featuring Eloy Jimenez, Ian Happ, and Mark Zagunis.

My first 2017 Bowman Draft Chrome Refractor is Brendon Little.


He was the Cubs first round (27th overall) selection last year.

I love Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam. In two months I will be taking in my all time favorite band inside my all time favorite place on Earth (Wrigley Field).


I may start hoarding these Vedder first pitch cards. Why not? I’m already hoarding Cubs cards!

Usually when looking back on Cubs top prospects it’s very disappointing (pre-2013). At first glance, you see the names and think the same thing, but when you break it down it’s pretty refreshing.


Andrew Cashner turned into Anthony Rizzo. Chris Carpenter kind of turned into Theo Epstein. And then there’s Aaron Shafer.

And Dylan Cease (along with Eloy Jimenez) turned into Jose Quintana. At one time I was hoarding Dylan Cease cards and still own over 600 of his 2014 Bowman Draft cards and about 15 of his 2014 Chrome autographs. Surprisingly, this is my first Cease 2017 Bowman yellow retail exclusive.

Every time I walk into Wrigley Field the smell makes me want to throw up. Maybe it’s the “incredible eats.”


Even though Wrigley Field and the surrounding neighborhood is my favorite place in the world, the smells in the bowels of Wrigley still make me want to barf.

A new Addison Russell for the collection from 2017 Donruss Optic.

And I used to despise the buybacks from Topps. I’m beginning to come around, and have actually sought out a few to add to my collection.


Here’s a new one: 1964 Topps Steve Boros 50th anniversary Buyback.

Thanks for the trade, Joe. He’ll be receiving Yankees in return.

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