An Economical Way To Shipping a Large Volume of Cards

One struggle in the past I’ve had is selling junk era complete sets. A five dollar set, of say 1989 Topps, will set you back about $12 to ship. That’s not economical. So, you bundle.

The issue there is that those large Topps sets will not fit inside a medium flat rate box, nor will they fit in a typical large flat rate box.

Here’s a solution! A large flat rate gaming box will fit roughly 4,000 cards. If you use a PayPal label it’s just $17.65 to ship that amount of cards. That’s a huge savings considering a lot of about 300 cards gets bumped up to priority for just under $10 at the post office.

There’s one problem. You can’t just walk into most post offices and grab these particular flat rate boxes. However, you can order them for free off the USPS website. Here’s what to look for.

Three 800-count boxes will fit inside long ways, and two 550-count boxes fit on top. It’s a perfect fit and minimal padding (tissue, newspaper, bubble wrap) is needed inside the box.

This is a great and economical way to trade large volume cards or move those junk era sets without breaking the bank.

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