Do You Want To Sell Your Base Cards? Sportlots is the Answer

Once upon a time you rode your bicycle to a local hobby shop, retail outlet, or grocery store to buy a pack of the latest Topps baseball cards. By the end of summer you may have been left over with half dozen Frank DiPino cards. Commons. Today we recognize those commons as “base cards,” andContinue reading “Do You Want To Sell Your Base Cards? Sportlots is the Answer”

Take Advantage of Free Money With eBay Bucks

If you are buying on eBay you are earning free money. Well, it’s not exactly “free” money because you have spent money to buy an item. But…if you did not realize eBay Bucks existed, then it is free money. I assumed everyone shopping on eBay was familiar with eBay Bucks. I was wrong, hence thisContinue reading “Take Advantage of Free Money With eBay Bucks”

An Economical Way To Shipping a Large Volume of Cards

One struggle in the past I’ve had is selling junk era complete sets. A five dollar set, of say 1989 Topps, will set you back about $12 to ship. That’s not economical. So, you bundle. The issue there is that those large Topps sets will not fit inside a medium flat rate box, nor willContinue reading “An Economical Way To Shipping a Large Volume of Cards”

Tips For The Beginner Collector

Over the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of meeting new collectors. Some have literally just begun their collections. When beginning something new there are always plenty of questions. This is sort of a guide in an attempt to help out new collectors or those looking to begin a collection. It’s certainly not aContinue reading “Tips For The Beginner Collector”

Flashing Back to EBay's Infancy

I’ve been collecting baseball cards since the late 1980’s, when my first packs of cards were 1988 Donruss as a six-year old. Ten years later I was buying and selling on a new thing called the Internet on an online auction site called eBay. This was before I even had a personal computer. Anyone rememberContinue reading “Flashing Back to EBay's Infancy”

Saving Money Online Selling & Trading Sports Cards

Since I began collecting baseball and football cards as a kid in the late 1980’s I’ve been trading and selling them. There’s a common misconception that floats throughout the hobby that people selling their cards are shysters and are only in it for the money. False…for the most part. While there are people out thereContinue reading “Saving Money Online Selling & Trading Sports Cards”