I Blame The Cleaners For This Lunch Break

Today, my lunch break has two different meanings. First, the logical break from work for lunch. Second, a break of a couple 2018 Topps series 2 blasters on said lunch break.

I blame the cleaning ladies. Yes, a lame excuse that wouldn’t pass the wife test.


We have cleaners come every two weeks. Good and bad, for selfish reasons. Good because that’s less of the house that I have to clean. Bad, because I usually have to scramble the night before they come to pick up the basement floor of baseball cards. Because it usually looks like this…

So, today I grabbed a Milio’s Caprese sandwich for lunch. Milio’s is a sub chain similar to Jimmy John’s. It’s next door to my office, so it’s typical my go-to spot on cleaning day.


The caprese sandwich is really good. It’s a limited time special sandwich, that I hope sticks to the menu.

When I have the Milio’s lunch I typically retreat to a neighboring parking lot. Today. I decided I’d take a drive around the area and ended up dining in the Target parking lot. I know, convenient right?

As I finished lunch I thought I may as well check out the card section. Unfortunately, Stadium Club was not stocked, but I dabbled with a couple Series 2 blasters because there was time to kill.


The first box was quite a dud, with the biggest hit a black Border 1983 All Star Hideki Matsui, along with the one guaranteed MLB The Show 18 code. The second box unveiled a Sonny Gray Variation, AJ Minter 1983 Rookie blue Border and the 1983 rookie Shohei Ohtani.

And of course the best hits! The Cubs cards. Of the two blasters I pulled 13 Cubs cards. Unfortunately, they are already part of my collection.

When I did arrive home after work there was a large box on my doorstep. It’s from a big bulk trade that I’ve been working on for about six weeks. Stay tuned!

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