Of Beer and Baseball Cards

Another day…another empty mailbox. Sort of. I did receive some cards in the mail today, but I’m not ready to blog about it. Hopefully in a couple weeks I’ll be ready to share a minor project that grew organically recently.


Until then, I’ve got little to blog about. However, I did receive a couple packages in the mail this week that I will get to this weekend.

Tonight, though, I blog of beer. It’s no secret on my twitter feed I love beer. I live in Wisconsin, which is among the Kings of craft beer. Last week I tweeted that I found my new favorite beer. It’s called Sweet Sunglasses. It’s a blonde ale made by a brewery that is less than two miles from my house.

What first caught my eye was the description at my local liquor store. It described it as a “day drinking, lawn mowing beer.” I grew up in rural Illinois and a “day drinking lawn mowing beer,” is exactly what I grew up on.


After enjoying a beer, or three, I looked into Hop Haus and what it was all about. Ironically, last Sunday when I drove into Illinois to pick up the monster boxes of cards I drive right by Hop Haus, which is located in downtown Verona, Wisconsin.

My wife isn’t a drinker, but I we have friends that just moved into our neighborhood that would enjoy this spot, so we visited Hop Haus this evening.

Hop Haus seems to be a place that is still finding its own. It has a great atmosphere, and serves bar food along with its beer.


The only problem is that you order all food and beer from the bar, despite most of the seating being tables. Hopefully they hire a waiter/waitress to fix this.

We decided to just do a couple drinks due to the seating/menu situation. The first drink I had was the Sweet Sunglasses, on tap.


My second drink was the Dairy Aire hefewizen. Perfect name for a craft beer in Wisconsin and is paired well with a basket of cheese curds.

Hop Haus also offers flights, and my friend and I both decided it was a perfect spot for a future guys night. The area is also great (Verona is a small town – population 10,000 that borders Madison) and they had a taco food truck in the parking lot and live music in the park across the street. A very cool spot for a weekend drink.

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