Meeting P-Town Tom From Waiting 'Til Next Year Blog

Not only have I met awesome traders online, I’ve completed a few deals in person with collectors I’ve met online. Chalk up another in person trade this past Saturday.

A fellow Cubs collector (and Dan Vogelbach super collector), P-Town Tom, and I met this weekend for a swap. A few months ago I found Tom’s blog, Waiting ’til Next Year. I believe it was a post from last summer when he visited the Baseball Card Shoppe in Madison, Wisconsin. The Baseball Card Shoppe is just 10 minutes from me and I consider it my local card shop (LCS). Tom and I have exchanged a few emails over the past months, and recently he mentioned he had some extra Cubs and was looking to purge.

Tom was going to be in town (Madison) for a wedding and wanted to arrange a time to drop off his extra Cubs. He said he didn’t want anything in return. I wasn’t going to meet empty handed.

He had mentioned he was in need of some non-Topps series one and two Cubs cards. I have plenty of extra Bowman and Topps Heritage, so I put together a small lot of Cubs for him. But that wasn’t enough. He was bringing me 1,000 Cubs plus two empty monster boxes.

Wisconsin is among the top states in terms of craft breweries. A few weeks ago I drove down to Sterling, Illinois and gifted Shannon with some New Glarus beer for 25 monster boxes of cards. That’s it! A beer for cards trade, part two.

Not knowing exactly what Tom prefers (though I have read previous blog entries that he does enjoy craft beer) I put together a random 6-pack mix of Wisconsin craft beers. You can read more about the beers on his blog.

Let’s get to the cards! It was a great mix of cards from the 1970’s to 2018. Plenty of Ryne Sandberg inside. A total of 53 Ryno’s!

Another favorite: 1989 Topps Ty Griffin. Three more for my Griffin collection.

In my last post I mentioned the early 1990’s Classic cards. There was a 1988 Classic Rick Sutcliffe here.

Allen & Ginter is one of my favorite sets each year. I’m still debating if I should indulge this year or not. The cards are simple, yet the design is very attractive. Here’s a 2010 Tyler Colvin rookie.

Panini aren’t my favorite cards due to not having a licensing agreement. However, I love it when non-superstars from the 1970’s and 1980’s get the current set treatment. Enter Bill Buckner and Jody Davis.

1978 Topps is one of my favorite Topps sets of all time, and Dennis Lamp gets a nod on a Rookie Pitchers card.

At this point in my quest it’s not often I receive cards not already in my collection. This box had two newbies. First, a 1990 Classic Draft Picks Lance Dickson (Although technically I do have this card as part of the unopened set – but it’s not part of my Cubs collection).

Second is a 1991 Post Andre Dawson. It’s not just a Post…it’s a Canadian version. There are eight of these here!

Willson Contreras is quickly becoming my second favorite Cub behind Javier Baez. Seven more 2017 Bowman for the Willy collection.

Finally, have you ever flipped through cards you’ve seen a thousand times…but stop and appreciate the photography and design of the card? I did that with the 1991 Stadium Club Jerome Walton. Walton was a favorite of mine when he soared to Rookie of the Year in 1989. I’ve never really stopped to appreciate the Stadium Club photography, so I had to stop and look at the 1992 version as well. These Stadium Club cards from 1991 and 1992 really pop.

It was great to acquire another 1,000 Cubs for the collection, as well as a couple storage boxes, but even better to complete another in person trade. Hopefully Tom and I can meet up again for a trade.

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