One Million Cubs Project Weekend Update

Apologies for my tardiness in trade communication and blog updates. I am trying to keep my head above water with trades and sales this week. If I have been communicating with you in regards to a trade, I have not forgot about you. You’re on my trade board.


One of the biggest reasons I get behind is sorting cards for trade. Most of my cards that are sorted are sorted by team, with several stars sorted by player. In some cases I run out of sorted teams (currently trying to catch up on Red Sox), or I am in talks for a trade for players that are not readily available.

Allen & Ginter was released this week, and I ordered six boxes, so that takes much of my time for a few days to open, sort, and list cards. I don’t know how people like Brent (brentandbecca) can crack 50 cases. The most I’ve done is three cases and it took weeks for me to catch up. The six boxes of A&G is a nice amount.

Also, I’ve had several maildays this week and I apologize for not getting out updates. In fact, I have a couple packages that I haven’t even opened yet, and they have been in my possession for a few days.


My Cubs count on the site is a little off, but it’s now a bit above 140,000. I have some really sweet maildays to show off. One was a purchase off the Blowout Cards forums that was a really awesome deal. Can’t wait to post that blog.

I’m always open for more trades, but I am backlogged so it will take some time. Unless it’s a bulk trade for any team not named the Yankees, Red Sox, Rockies, Braves, Tigers, or Rangers. I have plenty of Dodgers, Nationals and White Sox among most other teams.


There will be another giveaway at some point in August. I’ll be taking most of the month of September off, as I’ll be putting my Sportlots store in vacation mode, and my eBay store will be in vacation mode for a majority of September. My wife and I will be spending two weeks in Italy for our honeymoon.

Heritage Minors is released the week we return, but with the enormous increase by distributors of this product, I’ll probably scale back from three cases to three boxes. Case prices have gone from $500 to $750 from 2017 to 2018. That’s ridiculous for this product.

That’s all for now. I hope to have a trade review posted tomorrow (Monday).

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