The Dylan Cease Collection

Prospecting is a giant gamble, and it often doesn’t pay off. Three years ago I took a chance and chose a young Cubs prospect to collect and try my hand at the prospecting game.

Dylan Cease was a sixth round draft pick of the Cubs in 2014 and had some injury issues which is why he slipped. So, I began hoarding Cease cards. His cards were fairly cheap and my thought was if he didn’t pan out, they are Cubs cards so all won’t be lost.

And then the trade happened. While I was excited the Cubs surprisingly acquired Jose Quintana from the White Sox, it came at the expense of Eloy Jimenez and Dylan Cease. I was devastated by the loss of Cease.

So I ceased collecting Cease. Since I’m invested in his cards I still keep up with his pitching, and now I’m even more devastated. Instead of lighting up the Southern League on the mound for the Tennessee Smokies, he’s turning heads in a Birmingham Barons uniform.

Last night, Cease twirled another gem throwing six innings of one-hit ball, and struck out nine while walking zero. His last three starts look like this: 19 innings, 0 runs, 7 hits, 28K/3BB. Wow!

Seems like a good time to show off my Dylan Cease collection. My favorite card is the 2014 Bowman Chrome Draft gold Auto /50.

At one time I was a big fan of printing plates. I still seek out plates of Javier Baez and Dylan Cease. I found this 2014 Bowman Draft yellow plate at a low price a couple years ago.

This 2014 Leaf Trinity Auto is super thick.

Also have this 2014 Leaf Draft autograph.

These Under Armour cards are nice.

I have base. Lots and lots of base. At least 369 of the 2014 Bowman Draft are accounted for. I’m sure there is another stack inside my other boxes of Cubs.

I have 145 of the 2014 Bowman Draft Chrome.

And 16 from the 2014 Bowman Draft Asia.

The 2014 Bowman Draft Chrome Orange Refractor is /25.

The blue Refractor is /399.

Some colorful ice parallels.

After selling a few of the 2014 Bowman Draft Chrome, I am down to seven copies.

The green Auto is /99.

And I have three copies of the Refractor autos.

Additionally, there are a few others in the collection such as the Elite Extra Edition Auto, and several copies of Heritage Minors cards. It’s great to see Cease having so much success, but it is a kick in the gut watching him do so in another uniform.

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