One Million Cubs Project Mailday Box Break of Hits Video

As I juggle a few different hobby tasks, there has been one package (actually two – same purchase) that I’ve been sitting on because I need to do a blog. A simple blog post or two wouldn’t do the package justice and would be image overload.

So, taking a page from Bean’s Ballcard Blog, who has released videos opening the flat rate box of hockey cards I sent him (only $20 per medium flat rate box, and I have plenty). That’s what I’ll do for this package of Cubs I purchased from the Blowout Cards Forums.

A poster in the buy/sell/trade forum had an enormous lot of Cubs he was selling. The initial price was a bit more than I wanted to pay, but I paid close attention to the thread, and day after day it was being bumped and he was lowering the price. He also had a flat rate box full of Cubs commons he was asking a low price for. Eventually, he hit the rock bottom price he would take for the collection, and that’s when I pounced. I asked if he would throw in the common flat rate box at the same price, and he was nice enough to oblige.

The two flat rate boxes arrived about two weeks ago, and it came during a fairly busy time. I would get around to opening the package that contained the hits (video below), and flipped through a couple of the BCW boxes containing many stars and parallels. The flat rate box of commons remains unopened.

Here’s my box break video featuring the hits that I purchased. All in all, this was an awesome deal because many of these cards I would pay a couple bucks for, and in total there are over 2,000 cards altogether including the commons.

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