Medium Flat Rate Box Monday

Mailday Monday saw two Cubs packages. One bubble mailer featured a Carl Edwards Jr. Gypsy Queen autograph that I was high bidder on eBay. It used the last couple eBay bucks I had left in my account.

The other package was a medium flat rate box from Travis in San Diego, California. We worked out a Twitter trade, and I’ll be returning a flat rate box of Padres this week.

His Cubs box was filled with a little bit of everything including plenty of Sammy Sosa and Ryne Sandberg for my player collections. These 2002 Fleer EX will look nice in the Sosa and Kerry Wood collections. Moises Alou was also here. Beautiful set these were.

I’ve contemplated on making a Hee Seop Choi binder. This era of Cubs prospects was when I was really getting into minor league baseball and prospects. Choi, Corey Patterson, and Juan Cruz were my favorites.

While on the subject of minor leagues, here are a couple new cards for the collection. From the same era as Choi and Patterson these are 1999 Team Best of Will Ohman and Aaron Sams with the Williamsport Cubs. Ohman had a decent MLB career.

A 2010 Topps Chrome Orange Refractor Geovany Soto is a new add.

The next three cards appear new to me, but I may have them in a box already. The images really stuck out to me. This 2000 Skybox Dominion of Micah Bowie really pops with his image in color and the background sepia. Great view of the Budweiser roof beyond the left field bleachers and of course the centerfield scoreboard at Wrigley Field.

2006 Flair Showcase is very colorful and shiny. Ronny Cedeno had some good games with the Cubs.

Dual images of Rondell White on the 2000 SPX. Excellent centered view of White in the outfield with the Wrigley ivy in the background.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Monday’s (8/6/2018) count: 1,539

Monday’s (8/6/2018) packages: 2

Weekly count: 1,539

Total count: 144,115

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