Custom Cubs Cards and a Large Flat Rate Box Friday

A large box arrived on my doorstep Friday along with a package of custom Cubs cards from Rookies.

A.J. sent a large flat rate box of Cubs that included 3,504 cards. Most of the cards are already in my collection, but a few are new.

The 1992 Stadium Club Members Only Jim Bullinger is a new add.

Topps Gallery is one of my favorite sets. I don’t recognize this 1996 Frank Castillo.

I have never seen these 1998 Upper Deck Retro cards, but will be checking to see if other Cubs exist.

I love minor league cards and here’s a 1994 Classic Matt Franco with the Iowa Cubs.

Holograms rock, and they rocked the 90’s. Brooks Kieschnick gets the hologram treatment on a 1994 Upper Deck Holo View FX.

Ty Griffin! There were only three total Griffin cards in the box, but one was a 1990 Broder. I love Broder cards.

The second package was an order from Rookies. Some custom Cubs cards I ordered, mainly because of the Cubs game I attended last week. David Bote hit a walk-off home run in the 10th inning to lift the Cubs over the Reds. I wanted to create some cards of the moment (and I missed the Topps Now card), so this was my consolation with a 5-card custom set.

While I was at it, I did some image searching and found some great Iowa Cubs photos. I created some customs of some old school Cubs like Mike Harkey, Turk Wendell, Corey Patterson, Chico Walker, Jay Howell, Joe Carter, Kerry Wood, Rod Beck, and Mark Prior.

And some more recent Iowa Cubs like Kris Bryant, Jorge Soler, Javier Baez, and Kyle Schwarber.

Finally, I created a couple Dennis Lamp cards that i would like to send through the mail.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Friday’s (8/31/2018) cards: 3,524

Friday’s (8/31/2018) packages: 2

Weekly Count: 4,701

Total Count: 154,549

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