Sunday Topps Fire Sunday

A few times last week I stopped by Target to see if Topps Fire had arrived. Through Thursday night there was nothing.

There are no Target stores on my way from my mom’s house back to Madison, so Sunday was going to be the earliest I could indulge.

I figured by Sunday the Topps Fire would have been raided from the shelves since it’s a Target only release. I was wrong. There were two of the “hobby” boxes, about a dozen blasters, and several hanger packs still at my nearby Target.

Since my Sportlots store is in vacation for the month of September I decided to just buy a few boxes…not the entire display. So, I picked up one of the large boxes and a few blasters.

In all, I pulled 18 Cubs cards. My guaranteed autograph was a Greg Bird (sad trombone). Plenty of base Cubs were pulled including three each of Kris Bryant and Kyle Schwarber. Only one Javier Baez, and also cards of Ryne Sandberg, Ian Happ, Ernie Banks, Anthony Rizzo, and Yu Darvish.

One of the gold packs had a Javy Baez. Love this card!

Also pulled a red Parallel of Kris Bryant.

And two Cubs cards numbered /299. The orange Rizzo parallel is 17/299 and the Banks orange is 114/299.

Overall, I like Fire. There is good value in the base as it sells well on Sportlots. The numbered cards do not sell well, and the autographs are really hit or miss. It’s a good product to buy in moderation.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Sundays (9/2/2018) cards: 18

Sundays (8/2/2018) packages: 1

Weekly Count: 18

Total Count: 154,754

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