Happy Javy Days: A Sportlots Shopping Spree

A couple weeks ago I was tooling around the Sportlots website. The goal was to acquire a nice sized lot of Javier Baez base cards.

Sportlots’ search function is still clunky and outdated, making it a bit challenging to find volume from one or two sellers to minimize shipping.

My strategy is to search for Javier Baez, start looking at the lowest prices on the cards and find sellers that keep showing up from card to card. When I have a couple different sellers, I’ll focus the search to those sellers one at a time and stock up.

For the first time in several months I was able to find a seller with a bulk of Baez at reasonable prices plus shipping, so I submitted the order.

The order of 50 Javier Baez cards arrived on Tuesday. I ordered a little bit of everything, including nine 2018 Topps Opening Day plus a blue parallel.

My first Allen & Ginter X. This from 2017, and they are really nice cards.

Great still image of a blonde haired Baez from 2018 Topps Heritage.

Big League from 2018 is a product I have limited amounts of. This is my first blue parallel.

Stadium Club brings the dynamic photography.

Bowman Platinum is such an underrated product. I added seven more Javy’s from the 2018 set.

Five more 2017 Topps have been added along with a pair of 2017 Topps Chrome.

One 2017 Topps Archives.

One of my favorite Javy cards is the 2016 Topps Holiday edition with the Future Stars logo.

An early Baez Bowman Platinum from 2014, times four.

A couple of 2013 Bowman.

And maybe my favorite from the bunch: 2017 Topps Gallery. The gold bordered is a first for my Baez collection.

Speaking of Javy, on Wednesday I was up close with Baez and the Cubs. A friend had his company seats (fourth row between home plate and the Cubs on-deck circle) at Miller Park for the Cubs/Brewers game.

It was a great game with Daniel Murphy and Kyle Schwarber hitting home runs. Baez also scored a run on some Brewers defensive gaffes. There was a play at the plate with Anthony Rizzo getting tagged, but appeared as if he touched the plate before the tag was applied. He was called out and it went to review. The call on the field stood.

Fortunately, a bottom of the ninth inning rally fell short for the hosts and the Cubs took a 6-4 victory.

Earlier in the day I picked up a blaster and some packs of Topps Fire. We had cleaners at the house, so this is what I do on my lunch break. No Cubs hits, but added seven more cards.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Tue. & Wed. (9/4 & 9/5) cards: 57

Tue. & Wed. (9/4 & 9/5) packages: 2

Weekly Count: 75

Total Count: 154,811

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