Saturday Cubs Cards Acquired From Numerous Sources

One box arrived in my mailbox on Saturday. It came from Merle in Highland Park, Illinois. This is our second trade. The first was much larger as we each sent a medium flat rate box.

Today’s box contained 126 Cubs cards, mainly from the mid-1980’s through 2018. The lot included three Kris Bryant’s and a Javier Baez.

As I blogged yesterday, I paid a visit to my local card shop that was flooded. Even though the shop isn’t technically open, people are still stopping by so he put some packs out at discounted prices. He had some 2016 Topps series two packs for $1 each. I grabbed 15 packs and gave him $50.

Eight Cubs cards were pulled from the packs including a Javier Baez Future Stars and three of the 100 Years of Wrigley Insert cards.

Then I had to run some errands that took me to Target and Walgreens. At Target, I picked up a blaster of Topps Archives and a blaster of Topps Fire. Sadly, only two Cubs were inside, though I think this is my first Willson Contreras Fire card.

At Walgreens I couldn’t resist the repack boxes that contain 100 cards plus an unopened pack. For only $5 a box it’s a cheap rip. Surprisingly there were only six Cubs cards in the two boxes.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Saturday’s (9/8/2018) cards: 143

Saturday’s (9/8/2018) packages: 1 plus retail

Weekly Count: 498

Total Count: 155,234

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