Quadruple Cubs Mailday Monday

Four packages were in my mailbox upon returning home from work Monday. After spending Sunday evening at Lambeau Field for the Bears/Packers game, I was a bit tired.

I didn’t pull into my driveway until 2:20 a.m. and my alarm sounds at 6:30, so it was a little more than three hours of sleep when I am used to a solid eight hours.

Yes, I ended up wearing my Rashaan Salaam Bears jersey from 1995. It fits me, somehow, which means it must have been a dress on me as a seventh grader. I did receive a loud cheer from some Bears fans tailgating as I made my way into Lambeau Field. My friend that I went to the game with sported a “Fridge” Perry shirsey.

Forty-three Cubs cards came in a bubble mailer from Ross in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Waukesha is one of my favorite Wisconsin town names. Being a F.I.B., of course I mispronounced it Wau-KEY-shuh. I was quickly corrected that it is Wau-Kuh-Shaw.

Ross sent me several cards that are new to the collection including a 2018 Topps Big League gold bordered Albert Almora and a base Big League Ballpark Landmarks. There was a Ben Zobrist insert from 2017 Topps, Jason Heyward gold Topps Fire, a pair of green bordered Addison Russell’s, Ian Happ rated rookie, Rob Zastryzny sepia Refractor, Jason Heyward snowflake from Topps Holiday and an Addison Russell jersey relic from Allen & Ginter.

Matt from Galesburg, Illinois dropped another package on me. This time another 13 Cubs were added. A pretty sweet Topps Big League Addison Russell numbered 40/50.

I placed my first order with Topps getting a Throwback Thursday set. It featured Javier Baez.

There are also a few hot rookies (Ronald Acuna, Miguel Andujar, and Juan Soto) that I can put on eBay and get some money back.

Finally, look at this gen. It’s a 2018 Topps Silver Pack orange Chrome Refractor numbered 2/25 Kris Bryant. This came from Drew in Buffalo, New York.

I sent Drew a small pile of Ryan McMahon cards.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Monday’s (9/10/2018) Cards: 58

Monday’s (9/10/2018) Packages: 4

Weekly Count: 58

Total Count: 155,292

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