Saturday Mailday and Scratching the Retail Itch

Isn’t strange when you take a long vacation you come home even more tired than usual. Upon arriving home after a two-week vacation I looked forward to a weekend of vegging and sorting cards.

It had also been a few weeks since I scratched the itch of opening some boxes of cards. While overseas, Topps Heritage High Number had been released. While one of my packages included several hundred High Number cards plus a bunch of hits, I still wanted to crack some packs open.

A trip to Target saw the shelves chock full of baseball cards: Topps Fire, Allen & Ginter, Archives, Heritage High Number, Panini Chronicles. It was all there. So, I grabbed some High Number, a couple blasters of Chronicles and a few packs of Fire. There was even at least two of the Fire collectors boxes still on the shelf, but that ship has sailed for me.

First, I opened the Fire and pulled three cards including the Blue Chip Parallel of Javier Baez. The Panini Chronicles also added three Cubs including the Revolution Anthony Rizzo and a couple Kris Bryant cards. Finally, Heritage High Number. Nothing special, but I added two more David Bote rookies.

Two packages arrived from the mailman Saturday. The first envelope contained another pocket schedule. This one was won via EBay auction for a couple bucks. It’s the 1979 Cubs AAA affiliate Wichita Aeros.

Then a trade box from Cynthia that contained 245 Cubs cards. Two are new to the collection: a 1996 Ultra gold medallion Doug Jones and 1998 Donruss Rookies & Stars Freshman Orientation Kerry Wood 1060/5000.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Saturday’s (9/28/2018) cards: 260

Saturday’s (9/28/2018) packages: 3

Weekly Count: 3,928

Total Count: 158,642

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