Javier Baez Monday Mailday

Even a sweet Javier Baez Mailday and a glass of 3 Sheeps nitro stout can’t lift me out of Cubs loss depression on this Monday.

The cut stings living in Wisconsin and working in an office full of Milwaukee Brewers fans. I have to give the Brewers credit. They have a great team, and if you would have told me back in April that the Cubs win 95 games and don’t win the National League Central I would have called you crazy.

The good beer and two package mailday did lessen the blow a bit. I went Javier Baez shopping late last week and found some 2015 Topps postage stamps on eBay. The one that grabbed my eye was the 1992 birth year quarter and U.S. stamp. It’s numbered 25/50.

In the other bubble mailer is a Topps Now David Bote. This card celebrates the September 6 game in which the clutch Bote hit an extra inning go-ahead double that propelled the Cubs to a win over the Washington Nationals.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Monday’s (10/1/2018) cards: 2

Monday’s (10/1/2018) packages: 2

Weekly Count: 2

Total Count: 158,384

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