Topps Update Tuesday and a Javier Baez Rookie Mailday

One package arrived on Tuesday. It was five hobby boxes of 2018 Topps Update.

Most of the Cubs that I pulled out of these five boxes had already been pulled over the weekend out of some retail blasters.

In total, another 56 Cubs cards were added from the Topps Update boxes. On Wednesday, one package arrived from Bud via Facebook trade.

I’m sent Bud some cards from his want lists from 2015 and 2018 sets. He sent me a variety of Cubs from the past couple years including some Javier Baez cards.

And a foursome of Baez Bowman rookies!

I’ve never really stopped to appreciate the beauty of this 2016 Topps David Ross. He was my least favorite Cub in 2015, and my favorite in 2016. Baseball is amazing. A longtime backup catcher that hit just above the Mendoza Line (career .229 hitter), he is fawned over in Chicago as much as Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo.

Over the next few days, I have at least a half dozen want lists to go through for upcoming trades. My big sort has cleared enough monster boxes for my Cubs by name boxes, so Thursday morning was spent doing some Cubs sorting.

If you do any type of card sorting, the BCW sorting tray is a must. It’s been a savior since I picked one up a few months ago.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Tuesday’s (10/23/2018) Cards: 56

Tuesday’s (10/23/2018) Packages: 1

Wednesday’s (10/24/2018) Cards: 61

Wednesday’s (10/24/2018) Packages: 1

Weekly Count: 232

Total Count: 174,302

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