Throwback Thursday, Sportlots, and Chrome Sapphire

Five packages welcomed me home on Thursday. Three of them were from Topps, an order from Sportlots, and a trade with Curt in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A box came from Sportlots member “acardman,” who I had found when doing a 1984 Fun Foods pin search. I recently wrote I bought a Gary Matthews pin off eBay for $1.99 shipped, but the others were all priced around $5 and up. Well, leave it to Sportlots to find the complete Cubs set from one seller for less than $2.

After filling my cart with one of each, I perused some more of his inventory and found a couple Jody Davis needs.

The pin is a 1986 JKA Stars pin and I also picked up a Dennis Eckersley.

He also had plenty of oddballs, and I found a Cap Anson postcard for just $0.18.

And this Bill Madlock 1975 SSPC Puzzleback was $1.50.

I was able to find three cards from the 1976 TCMA 1938 Cubs set including Bob Garbark.

And Kirby Higby.

And Ken O’Dea.

I had to search the Javier Baez inventory and found five including a Topps Inception. These are really nice cards.

Three Kris Bryant cards for $0.18 each.

Ryne Sandberg rounded out my order including four 1983 Topps Stickers…for only $0.18 each!

I’ll be returning to acardman’s Sportlots store. He’s a great dealer.

Next up, UPS dropped off a box from Curt in Charlotte. I sent him a box of 1979 Topps and 1984 Donruss. His box featured 851 Cubs cards. Two Mark Grace cards are new to my collection.

This Sammy Sosa from 2002 Donruss is also a new one for my collection.

One of the most anticipated packages came from Topps. I bit the bullet and bought a box of Topps Chrome Sapphire. It’s a limited edition set with only about 250 sets made. This year, Topps is selling boxes with 100 cards including three autographs and three numbered parallels. The price point is also much lower than its 2017 edition. I will be opening this box Sunday night and will stream it live on my YouTube channel.

During the final weekend of the regular season I realized I had a half dozen Topps Home Run Challenge cards, so I had one day to enter them and hope someone hit a home run on the final day. Charlie Blackmon came through! His serial numbered card arrived numbered 5/70. It is available to trade for…Cubs cards, of course.

Finally, I ordered three Topps Throwback Thursday sets two weeks ago featuring the 1986 Topps design. I’m a sucker for these sets, but only indulge when there’s a Cub in the set. David Bote got the nod here, so I picked up three sets for two reasons. 1) discounted rate and 2) Ronald Acuna and Gleyber Torres are also in the set, along with Walker Buehler, Miguel Andujar, and Ozzie Albies.

I did skip last week’s set that featured Kris Bryant and the 1995 Topps design. I’ll just look on eBay to find the Bryant single.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Thursday’s (10/25/2018) Cards: 887

Thursday’s (10/25/2018) Packages: 5

Weekly Count: 1,119

Total Count: 175,189

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