7-Up, Sandberg, Stickers, and Vintage

Monday’s Mailday was filled with variety contained in four packages of all sizes. Cubs cards arrived in the form of a medium flat rate box, small flat rate box, bubble mailer, and plain white envelope (PWE).

More than 1,600 Cubs cards came from David in Elmhust, Illinois. It wasn’t just a flat rate box…okay it was…but it wasn’t just a postage label affixed. Stamps. Baseball stamps! Cool, unfortunately no Cubs.

Inside was a mix of mostly Cubs from 1981 into the 1990’s. There were a couple new cards to add to my collection including a 1992 Baseball Cards Magazine Ryne Sandberg.

Another newbie, and my favorite from the trade is this 1970 Kellogg’s 3-D Superstars Randy Hundley.

It’s not an authentic 1952 Topps, rather a reprint of the Dutch Leonard from the iconic set. There was a twitter discussion recently on reprints. For vintage and rare sets I like to add them to my collection. I am not a fan of reprints like the recent Berger’s Best. We don’t need reprints of 1993 Topps Randy Johnson.

Thirty-six more 1990 Topps Earl Cunningham’s!

And will this guy be the Cubs manager in 2020?

Scott in Arkansas sent over a sweet box of Cubs spanning 50 years. His box included some vintage from 1968 Topps Ted Savage, 1970 Topps Don Young and Ken Rudolph, and 1971 Topps Ken Holtzman and Jim Colborn.

Also, some rookies of all ilk. Greg Maddux and Mark Grace to Ian Happ and David Bote. Jerome Walton, Greg Smith, and Scott Moore in between.

J.I. on Facebook sent a PWE with 12 Cubs inside. Four are new from the 1996 Panini stickers set.

Finally, I picked up a 1985 7-Up Cubs team set. It’s still in its original seal, and I’ll be keeping it this way for now. There are 23 cards in the set including the pictured Ryne Sandberg.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Monday’s (11/5/2018) Cards: 2,018

Monday’s (11/5/2018) Packages: 4

Weekly Count: 2,018

Total Count: 185,587

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