Early Morning Sorting and a Cubs Mailday from Maine

Early mornings are most productive for me. It’s probably because my first career was in radio and I hosted a morning show for a decade.

Several days a week I wake up early, brew a pot of coffee and descend upon my basement and sort cards.

Currently I’m hustling to pile up thousands of Red Sox, White Sox, and Blue Jays for three separate trades. Two will be in person. So, Thursday morning I pulled out some unsorted junk era boxes and went to work.

A couple boxes appeared to be complete sets of 1988 Topps. I felt bad for breaking the sets up by cherry picking stars and the teams I was seeking. I’m not a set collector, but to me it still feels a bit wrong to completely break down a set.

One of the boxes appeared unopened for quite some time. The set was probably put together shortly after release in 1988 based on the classifieds page from Chicago Tribune (dated October 1987) that was used as a bumper and not even discolored.

While I broke up a couple complete sets, I did add 71 more Cubs cards to the count. When the mailman dropped off a box later in the day I was a bit surprised that it contained the exact amount of Cubs (71) as was pulled earlier in the day.

Tony from Maine (maybe my first Mailday from the state of Maine) shipped 71 Cubs cards from the late 1970’s through the early 1980’s including a couple from a colorful 1975 Topps set.

The 1978 Topps set design is pretty boring, but I just love it for its simplicity.

1983 Fleer is my favorite of the 80’s Fleer sets.

Chico Walker! He was the answer to my Twitter giveaway earlier this week.

Speaking of giveaways, #MerryCardsmas is coming in less than two weeks. What is #MerryCardsmas? Daily giveaways all holiday season long starting Thanksgiving Night through Christmas Eve. There will be hot rookies, wax boxes, lots, and more. Make sure to follow @onemillioncubs on Twitter for your chance to win.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Thursday’s (11/8/2018) Cards: 71

Thursday’s (11/8/2018) Packages: 1

Weekly Count: 2,160

Total Count: 185,729

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