Monday's Mailday Brings Three Packages from Twitter

Three more packages arrived on Monday filled with goodies sent by Twitter followers.

Shane in Massachusetts sent a package with some goodies! This will be our second trade. Shane is the 80’s Oddball guru and I’ve learned about several 80’s issues by following him. One oddball inside is from 2001 and is a stadium giveaway from Wrigley Field featuring Rick Sutcliffe.

This 2018 Stadium Club Insert of Anthony Rizzo is a new add to my collection.

Some vintage. I love 1955 Bowman. This will be the first vintage team set I put together whenever I get organized. Here’s a Dee Fondy.

A 2015 Topps Update Addison Russell rookie image variation!

Some gold! Anthony Rizzo 2018 Topps Heritage jersey 23/99. Wow!

More Wow! Javy Baez serial numbered relic! From 2016 Topps Tier 1 231/399. Super sweet!

Matthew in Grand Rapids sent another box. This will be our fourth or fifth trade. He’s a big Royals fan and sent a couple Jakob Junis cards.

Why would he send me Royals cards? Well, I’ve mentioned this on Twitter in the past…Jakob’s uncle was my best friend growing up. I never really knew Jakob as he was 10 years younger than us, and also lived about an hour away.

Jakob’s uncle Jamie was that friend you have as a kid that has everything. He had the best toys. I loved playing with his Ertl farm sets. He had had all the new video game systems. Man, the hours we wasted playing NBA Jam and Mortal Kombat. I digress. Back to Cubs.

It never gets old seeing World Series Cubs cards, and here’s a stack!

These two stickers are from 2016 Topps and I don’t recall having the honey card.

Mark Prior from 2004 National Trading Card Day. I had no idea Baseball Card Day (or trading card day) went back that far.

Upper Deck came out with some pretty sweet cards in the 1990’s. This die cut Sammy Sosa Special FX is from 1997.

More Sammy Sosa here with another newbie for me. It’s a 1998 Topps Super Chrome.

A Ryne Sandberg pop up oddball.

And at the bottom of the box….a box bottom featuring the Cubs logo AND Jerome Walton!

The third package came from Bill in Naperville, Illinois. Remember that Rick Sutcliffe stadium giveaway a few paragraphs ago? Bill sent me a Lee Smith from a game he attended on September 28, 2002. Thanks, Bill!

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Monday’s (11/19/2018) Cards: 281

Monday’s (11/19/2018) Packages: 3

Weekly Count: 281

Total Count: 223,485

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