Chicago Sports Spectacular Review Part Two: Dollar Autos

The review of my weekend at the Chicago Sports Spectacular was going to be in two parts. After going through my dollar box I’m going to have to split it up and make it a three-part review.


After picking up the pre-war cards I highlighted in part one, I found a table lined with monster boxes with a few guys thumbing through cards like madmen.

Then I saw the sign: Autographs $1.25 each. There’s sure to be some junk Cubs autos I can grab. Boy, was I wrong. And that’s a good thing. The baseball box was loaded with Cubs autographs, and even the junk autos are cherished in my collection. I found 48 Cubs autos, plus a few other Bowman Chrome prospects autos that I’ll hold in case they make a run. Without further ado, let’s get to this image heavy Auto review. This James Norwood 2014 Elite Extra Edition Auto is numbered 605/799.

Ricky Nolasco is a former Cub that I enjoy finding autos of, and have paid $3-4 in the past.

Whoah!!! Are you kidding me?!? Adbert Alzolay Bowman Platinum autograph for $1.25? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Gioskar Amaya 2013 Bowman Chrome.

This 2006 Bowman Chrome Elvin Puello autograph is numbered 106/150.

There were three of these 2010 Topps Pro Debut Brett Jackson autographs.


I picked the cleanest of the signatures. My friend, Dave, grabbed the other two later.

I interviewed J.J. Johnson when he was a Cubs prospect with the Lansing Lugnuts in 2002.

Here’s one of my favorites, but unfortunately the signature has faded badly.


Rick “Big Daddy” Reuschel from 2006 Fleer Nickname Greats.

Wow, another great one. 2008 Topps Co-Signers Geovany Soto and Felix Pie.

Matt Szczur Elite Extra Edition 104/783.


Another Elite Extra Edition. This one of Tyler Skulina 406/670.

Another Matt Szczur from Panini Prizm.


Ricky Tyler Thomas was sent to the Texas Rangers in the Jesse Chavez trade this summer.

Here’s a Rich Hill 2006 Topps Co-Signers.

How about 2017 first round draft pick Alex Lange.


Not only that, this autograph from Leaf Valiant is 11/99.

I accidentally grabbed both of the 2004 Bowman’s Best Matt Creighton autos. One is blue and looks good, while the black Auto is somewhat faded.


Also, a 2004 Topps Chrome Creighton Auto.

This 2011 Topps Heritage Minors Evan Crawford autograph is one I’ve been looking for, but the only ones I have found have been around $6 shipped. Problem solved.

Sean Gallagher 2007 Upper Deck Exquisite Imagery numbered 9/10.

Jeff Goldbach 2000 Team Best with the Lansing Lugnuts.

Rated Rookie patch here of Rafael Dolis 1/99.


From 1996 Leaf Signature Series: Scott Servais and Rey Sanchez.

Marc Valdes 1994 Signature Rookies.

D.J. Wilson 2014 Leaf Perfect Game.


Aron Weston 2001 Royal Rookies.

Thomas Neal 2013 Panini Select.

An auto/relic of Brett Jackson from 2012 National Treasures 67/99.

My first Amaury Telemaco autograph, from 1995 Old Judge.


Adam Greenberg only made one plate appearance before he was hit by a pitch and never made it back (until the Marlins called him up several years later).

Jose Macias 2004 Upper Deck Signature Collection.

Zeke Devoss was one my favorites from the 2012 Peoria Chiefs team.

Carlos Escobar 2012 Elite Extra Edition 409/752.

When asked to name can’t miss Cubs prospects of the past 20 years that missed, Felix Pie is likely to come up.

Brandon Pico in a Peoria Chiefs uniform.

After I found this David Patton By the Letter (I), I was in search of others.


There were a couple other by the letter autographs (non-Cubs), but I opted not to buy them (now I wish I would have).

Another David Patton autograph.

Kyle Ryan was featured in this 2009 Upper Deck Team USA. He was in the Cubs organization during the 2018 season.

This Trey Lang is numbered 182/451.


Junior Lake Panini Select 694/750.

I like Jacob Hanneman’s signature.

He’s the second most famous Bobby Hill trailing only the kid from King of the Hill.

Remember Cole Liniak?

Ryan Flaherty pictured in his Vanderbilt uniform.

Thought twice about buying this one since there’s no picture, but why not.


Corey Black Elite Extra Edition 253/700.

Brant Brown!

And another new Cubs prospect auto. This Tyson Miler purple is numbered 108/250.

Very happy with this box of autographs, and now I want to find more of these! Stay tuned for part three of my Chicago Sports Spectacular Review. From the same dealer I found a stack of serial numbered Cubs and refractors in dollar boxes.

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