A #MerryCardsmas Preview

Happy Thanksgiving!

Beginning tonight, #MerryCardsmas will be a daily card giveaway going through Christmas Eve.

Each night I’ll announce a new giveaway on Twitter. Simply follow @onemillioncubs on Twitter and follow any instructions for each giveaway.

Here’s just a sample of what will be given away over the next month, including a pair of Juan Soto rookies.

Mike Trout.

A hobby box of 1989 Donruss!

Vintage including this 1962 Topps Warren Spahn.

Hobby packs!

A J.D. Martinez relic.

And so much more!

Also, an unrelated giveaway will be a 2018 Topps Heritage Minors hobby box! Once @onemillioncubs reaches 5,000 followers it will be given away.

Stay tuned and tonight will be round one of the #MerryCardsmas giveaways!

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