Chicago Sports Spectacular Review Part 3: Dollar Boxes

In part two of my Chicago Sports Spectacular Review I showed the autographs that were in $1.25 boxes. There were some great autos I pulled, and as I moved down the table, there were more baseball boxes.


The other boxes were marked $1 each and I began thumbing through. Quickly I found some pretty nice cards, so I rummaged through about three or four of the boxes. In the end I added four Ryne Sandberg serial numbered cards: 2017 Topps Triple Threads 22/250, 2010 Topps Triple Threads 246/525 and 680/1350, and 2009 Topps Triple Threads 91/240.

Kris Bryant was well represented and I snagged seven more for my collection including: 2017 Topps image Variation SP, 2017 Bowman Platinum silver ice, 2015 Donruss Elite Gold Stars, 2014 Bowman Chrome Mini, 2017 Gypsy Queen Hand Drawn Art Insert, 2017 Allen & Ginter foil, and 2017 Panini 28/499.

Bryant’s buddy Anthony Rizzo was in there, too. While these aren’t Cubs cards, I’ve been loosely looking to pick off a couple Rizzo Padres rookies.

A few Kyle Schwarber cards including a 2015 Leaf that was a promotional card from the 2015 National card show. Also, a 2016 Bowman purple 207/250, and 2014 Bowman Sterling 68/199.

My guy! Some Javier Baez. I added two more 2014 Bowman rookies, a 2017 Allen & Ginter foil, 2018 Topps rainbow foil, 2015 Topps Museum rookie, and 2013 Bowman Chrome mini.

Then I saw some what appeared to be prism refractors, but I had never seen these before. They were stamped National in the upper right corner, so likely a promo set given out at the National in 2017.


I picked up Fergie Jenkins, Mark Grace, Ian Happ, Anthony Rizzo, Greg Maddux, and Ernie Banks.

Dylan Cease was the big prospect I followed after Javier Baez graduated to the ranks of big leaguer. I was upset when the Cubs dealt the pitcher to the White Sox last year, but happy to see the Sox place him on their 40-man roster this week.


I added four more Cease cards including three 2014 Bowman Chrome Draft refractors along with a 2014 Bowman Draft blue Border 95/399.

Picked off a 2015 Bowman Draft Albert Almora blue Border 22/150.

A reverse negative from 2017 Topps Chrome of Ben Zobrist for a buck? Yes, please!

Jorge Soler times two.


A 2016 Topps Finest 119/150 and 2015 Topps Chrome purple 120/250.

I can’t remember if this Rafael Dolis Auto was in the dollar box, or if it was in the autograph box and I mixed my stacks. Either way, it’s a good deal.

A couple Bowman Chrome refractors of Derrek Lee and Hee Seop Choi. These two first basemen were traded for each other between the Cubs and Marlins in 2003.


The Lee is numbered 51/150 and Choi is 170/170.

Here’s a Big Z 2006 Bowman Chrome Refractor 3/150.

Darwin! This 1st Bowman Refractor is 38/250.

Really hope Adbert Alzolay has recovered from his injury. Not only did I pick up a Bowman Platinum autograph for $1.25, check out these three cards for a dollar each!


This is a 2018 Bowman blue 115/150, 2018 Bowman Chrome Scout’s Top 100 140/150, and 2018 Bowman Chrome Talent Pipeline 35/150.

Jen-Ho Tseng blue Border 88/499.

Thomas Hatch Bowman Chrome blue Refractor 18/150.

Finally, a couple Alex Lange cards including. 2018 Bowman blue 289/499, and 2018 Bowman Chrome purple Refractor 137/250.

I definitely have a bug to find more of these boxes. I probably spent two hours at this table alone between the autograph box and the dollar boxes. So much fun! What a great day at the Chicago Sports Spectacular.


Since I was only able to visit about half the booths on Saturday, I may have to consider setting aside a few days for the National in Chicago next summer.

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