Pre-War, Javy, and Ryno

After a slow start to the week, the mailman delivered some Cubs goodies on Wednesday.

Justin in Indiana sent over a new Ryne Sandberg for my collection. This is a 2004 Studio Heritage numbered 665/999. I’ll be sending an Ohtani in return.

I’ve heard so many good things about Twins Jake on Twitter, so I had to place a Javier Baez order. Twins Jake is the man for Topps Now and Topps Living cards. And his top notch service matched all the praise.

I placed an order for two Baez Topps Now highlighting being an National League MVP finalist.

And I ordered nine (yes, nine) Javy Topps Living cards. Why not 10? Or a dozen? Well, I wanted a few copies, and then I figured why not just fill a binder page!

My final package was an eBay auction I won. The search for some 1936 Diamond matchbooks was on after finding an image recently. This five-count lot finished around $13, so less than $3 each. The lot included three Charlie Grimm (red, blue, and green versions), Augie Galan, and George Stainback.

Wednesday also marked release day for 2018 Elite Extra Edition. Instead of buying a couple Hobby boxes, I entered some breaks for Cubs. The first break took place Wednesday afternoon and the second is Thursday. Looking forward to that mailday.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Wednesday’s (12/12/2018) Cards: 15

Wednesday’s (12/12/2018) Packages: 3

Weekly Count: 15

Total Count: 241,694

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