Playing Catch Up and Breaking Topps Heritage Minors

It’s been a slow week for adding Cubs cards to the collection. Just three packages have arrived this week, and all arrived on the same day.

I did participate in a couple 2018 Elite Extra Edition Cubs breaks. Nothing too flashy, but was happy with my Cubs results and can’t wait for them to arrive.

Finding a 2018 Bowman Draft Cubs Break proved extremely difficult. The product released on Friday, and I was either too slow in snatching a spot, it was overpriced, or commonly the base paper cards did not ship.

I did find a break on auction on eBay that shipped all cards, and broke same night the auction ended. With a $68 final price tag, the jumbo case break was mine! Other breakers have this same spot priced as high as $99. There were a couple others priced at $70, but base did not ship.

The break was last night, and it did not yield any Cubs autographs, nor any color. The biggest hit was a Nico Hoerner Chrome refractor. This was enough to curb my Bowman Draft breaking appetite.

I picked up some base Cubs cards on Sportlots, and bought a Coke Roederer Chrome Auto at a really nice price. I’ll wait a few weeks after the hype dies down and before spring training begins to shop for more autos and color.

Since it had been a slow week, I wanted to bust open a box of Topps Heritage Minors. I picked a good box that yielded nine Cubs cards including two colored parallels. The first pack had an Aramis Ademan black numbered 15/50.

Later I hit a MILB ERA Leaders blue numbered 59/99. This card includes Dakota Mekkes of the South Bend Cubs.

The rest of the box had seven base cards.

While putting together a trade box for Curt in Charlotte, I pulled out a stack of unsorted 2004 Fleer Tradition. Another nine Cubs cards came out that were previously unaccounted for.

The rest of the day features a couple #MerryCardsmas packages to ship out, and I have a couple more trade boxes to finish up. Oh, and I bought into another Elite Extra Edition 10-box Break for only $12! The previous two were in excess of $30. A steal!

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Saturday’s (12/15/2018) Cards: 18

Saturday’s (12/15/2018) Packages: 0

Weekly Count: 33

Total Count: 241,712

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