Micro Monday and a Blank Back in a Box

Two packages showed up Monday as we are in the home stretch of 2018. My initial Cubs card goal for 2018 was 250,000. That number was adjusted after a couple months into the project as I decided to make it a five-year plan.

My 200,000 card goal was surpassed last month, and the 250,000 card count is nearing, though it does look like I’ll fall short.

New Jersey Nick and Moorhead Joe sent me packages that push me over 242,000 Cubs cards. Nick is the mastermind behind this awesome design.

His box of 216 cards dated back to 1975 Topps and Pete LaCock.

Nick said he probably wouldn’t be adding any new cards to my collection, but he certainly did. As I flipped through I saw this Andre Dawson from 1988 Fleer. On the front it looks like another Dawson…

But on the back, it’s blank. This might be a box bottom? Either way, it’s new to my collection.

I’m missing quite a few of the stickers from the 1980’s including this Dennis Eckersley.

The backside is in Italian.

And at the end of the box was a team bag filled with 1991 Topps micro. At one time I had a complete set of 1992 Topps micro, but it’s long gone. These are the first micro Cubs for my collection.

Joe in Moorhead, Minnesota sent me a second package. We made a deal about a month ago as I sent him some cards of players he will use for TTM autographs. As I opened the package, there was a book inside!

I’ve been wanting to pick this up. It was printed in 1989 and includes images of each Cubs Topps team set from 1952-1988.

I had to show off the team set for 1982 – my birth year. Joe’s box also included 11 Ryne Sandberg cards.

Another package arrived Monday, but it was an addition to my Cubs Bobblehead collection. It’s a Willson Contreras from the Kane County Cougars.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Monday’s (12/17/2018) Cards: 378

Monday’s (12/17/2018) Packages: 2

Weekly Count: 378

Total Count: 242,090

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