Tom in New York Delivers the Cubs

After getting into a few breaks last week (Elite Extra Edition and Bowman Draft), I decided to start collecting Cole Roederer (along with my Dylan Cease, Javier Baez, and Ryne Sandberg player collections).

So, I went shopping as Roederer showed up in those two products along with the recently released Leaf Metal Draft. Perusing eBay, I found a printing plate 1/1 from Leaf Metal Draft at an amazing price, so I pounced.

After adding a few more Roederer to my shopping cart in recent days, I’ll submit an entry solely devoted to the Cole Collection in the next week or so.

Tom in New York reached out to me via email a while back and said he had a box to send me. Color me impressed! I don’t even have the room to post all of the new cards he added to my collection, but I’ll try! Inside a flat rate box was a ziplock bag with Cubs in top loaders.

My, my, my! The Kris Bryant is numbered /162 and the Ian Happ gold press proof is /99. Add another Javy Baez to the collection.

If I were to start another player collection, it will likely be Willson Contreras. Here’s a 2018 Topps variation.

How about all of these Topps hits. A pair of relics, Baez gold, Happ prism Refractor and Wade Davis Refractor /250.

There’s more! So much more. Another box was inside, and it contained just as many (actually many more) new Cubs. A couple reverse negative parallels from 2017 Topps and 2017 Topps Chrome.

And more Willy C! Love this 2017 Topps Inception /99, and Heritage is always a favorite. This is the Chrome from 2017 Topps Heritage.

Another new Javy!

Ernie Banks 2017 Topps Museum numbered /150.

Ty Griffin! A rediscover Topps bronze foil of the classic 1989 Topps #1 Draft Pick card. I actually pulled one of these out of a retail blaster last year. I may have shrieked!

Schwarber! More hits of the slugger including another relic from Topps Heritage and a Quad relic from 2017 Diamond Kings.

I’ve never seen these cards. Apparently from 2014 Topps. Very awesome card. I wish Topps would do more of these types of cards commemorating classics as opposed to just flat out reprinting cards.

An Albert Almora Bowman’s Best /250.

Kris Bryant refractor!

These are just a few highlights as the box was filled with new-to-me Cubs cards. Thanks so much, Tom!

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Tuesday’s (12/18/2018) Cards: 154

Tuesday’s (12/18/2018) Packages: 2

Weekly Count: 532

Total Count: 242,244

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