2018 Elite Extra Edition Case Break Results

It has been a while since I’ve entered a box or case break. With the box prices on Elite Extra Edition and Bowman Draft, it just didn’t make sense for me to buy any.

Both products are loaded up with Cubs, so I was on a mission to find some Pick Your Team (PYT) case breaks. One breaker had 10-box breaks on auction at eBay. I picked up the first two between $30 and $35, securing a spot in each break of the full 20-box case.


The breaker is Rip City Cards out of Miami, Florida. They had great feedback and provided quick communication. It was also a professional, two-camera setup. As the break got going I had one big problem as the breaker talked basketball during the entire break. He would even pause with the cards in his hand to get his point across about a certain NBA lineup. It got so annoying that I muted most of the break. By breaks two and three it improved, but you could tell he didn’t have much knowledge of the product. On to the cards.

The base Elite Extra Edition are all numbered to /999, which I think is new this year. I pulled 11 base cards including a pair each of Miguel Amaya, Adbert Alzolay, and Jimmy Herron.

This is the only Nico Hoerner that was pulled in all 20 boxes.

Also pulled one each of Richard Gallardo, Erling Moreno, D.J. Wilson, and Cole Roederer.

One silver prism of Adbert Alzolay was pulled. These are super hot parallels in the new basketball product. They are not serial numbered.

Three more Cole Roederer cards are added to my player collection. A base card, base autograph, and red die-cut /99.

Jimmy Herron was the other base auto. Herron was the Cubs third round pick in 2018 out of Duke.


Each box includes eight autographs and two relics. One Cubs relic was pulled. A pretty sweet quad relic of Erling Moreno /149.

A few non-auto serial numbered cards came in. Jimmy Herron green die-cut /49, and red parallels of Herron and D.J. Wilson /150.


There were some autographs serial numbered under 100. Brennen Davis, the Cubs second rounder, checks in here with a red die-cut 59/75.

Adbert Alzolay 60/75.

Aramis Ademan is one of my favorite of the current crop of Cubs prospects. He also has a pretty nice signature. This is numbered 14/50.


Richard Gallardo signed this past June for $1 million as a 16-year old. He was ranked the #5 international prospect by MLB Pipeline. Gallardo probably won’t even pitch in a full season league until the 2020 season. Here’s an early, early Auto of Gallardo numbered 3/25.

Depending on the publication, Miguel Amaya is either the number one or number two prospect in the Cubs organization (with Nico Hoerner). Another /25 autograph here!

All in all this was a great break! You never know about these products with 16-year olds that are so far away. But for now, it was money well spent in my book.

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