Bowman Draft Break Results Part of Four-Package Mailday

Four more packages came in on Friday, including the disappointing results of the one 2018 Bowman Draft break I bought into.

It wasn’t disappointing because I didn’t pull any hits, it was disappointing because the breaker didn’t send my base. That was the one reason I bought into the break, and wasn’t buying into any breaks if base wasn’t sent. So, I went back to the item description to make sure I didn’t miss any details. At first glance, I did not. I read it again, still nothing. In large bold print, “ALL CARDS FROM THE TEAM IN THE TITLE SHIP.”

I sent a message to the seller, and he responded quickly. He admitted the mistake stating many buyers sent him a message saying they didn’t want base, so he must have mixed mine up and he’ll send them. Hopefully it was just an honest mixup.

Slightly less disappointing was the results of the break. The only “hit” was a Nico Hoerner refractor. On the bright side, if I pulled a refractor, it’s Hoerner I would want.

Fourteen chrome Cubs came from: Aramis Ademan, Brennen Davis, Nico Hoerner, Ezequiel Pagan, and Cole Roederer.

Bob in New Jersey shipped a package with 76 Cubs from 2018 products. It included a 2018 Heritage High Number Purple Refractor Yu Darvish.

Drew Smyly Heritage High Number short print.

A new Stadium Club insert of Addison Russell.

Two packages arrived from Ty. A total of 202 Cubs were inside including an auto! Paul Blackburn was the Cubs supplemental first round draft pick in 2012. Blackburn is now with the Oakland Athletics.

Javy! Plenty of Javier Baez cards inside.

Look at these Ernie’s! A 2003 Upper Deck Play Ball promo card, and a 2017 Topps short print.

Some Kris Bryant’s.

And a couple foils from 2017 Topps.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Friday’s (12/21/2018) Cards: 293

Friday’s (12/21/2018) Packages: 4

Weekly Count: 2,095

Total Count: 243,807

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