Boxing Day Box from New Jersey

The day after Christmas, Boxing Day, yielded a large box of Cubs cards from Josh in New Jersey.

Inside the large box were three boxes of Cubs totaling 1,449 additional cards to my count.


By the time these 1994-95 Fleer Excel prospect cards of Jayson Peterson and Ozzie Timmons were released, my 12-year old self had drifted to the world of basketball cards.

Upper Deck probably has the best cameos from the 1990’s brands. The 1997 Upper Deck Scott Servais even details the cameo of Cincinnati’s Bret Boone.


The 1999 Upper Deck Jeff Blauser pictures Mike Lieberthal at a play at second base.

Topps Gallery has always put out some great cards. This Steve Smyth portrait was painted by artist Frank Scicchitano.

What a cool insert set from 1994 Fleer Ultra. The league’s best firemen (relievers), and a fire truck is in the background of Randy Myers.


I love these 1977 Renata Galasso cards. Here’s Ralph Kiner.

Most of the Broder unlicensed cards of the 1980’s and 1990’s featured Ryne Sandberg, Andre Dawson, and Mark Grace. But even Shawon Dunston was featured.

Another oddball here from 1986 Drake’s Big Hitters of Keith Moreland.


My favorite card of the bunch. 1993 Upper Deck Foundation of Baseball Fergie Jenkins.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Wednesday’s (12/26/2018) Cards: 1,449

Wednesday’s (12/26/2018) Packages: 1

Weekly Count: 7,966

Total Count: 251,774

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