Christmas Cubs and Hobby Presents

When asked what I wanted for Christmas, my response was: “Anything Cubs or baseball cards.” When that was met with a side eye, I added, “or an eBay gift card. A web cam for my box breaks….and I could always use socks.” Seriously…I asked for socks.

I must have made the nice list this year, because I was bombarded with everything I asked for…even socks. Since I was about seven my mom has been putting packs of baseball cards in my stocking….even during the years I didn’t collect and they were tossed aside like socks.

Inside my stocking I found a few packs of Topps Series One and Topps Update, Topps Fire, and a couple junk wax packs. After opening them all I came out with eight more Cubs. The Willson Contreras is a rainbow foil and a newbie for my collection.

There were no big hits inside the packs, though there was a Shohei Ohtani Topps Fire parallel and a Juan Soto Topps Fire rookie in that pack. Last year my mom and wife each bought me a Topps complete set. One was the 2016 Topps set, the other from 2017. This year they both bought me a 2018 Topps set, but it will be an easy decision to break one open. One of the sets has the five rookie parallels and the medallion cup.

Some coffee table baseball books were added to my collection including the Sports Illustrated, “Baseball in 100 Photographs” book.

And a book on the American League and 100 Years of Baseball.

It was a great Christmas, and I also got a $200 eBay gift card! Of course that will go to adding some more Cubs cards to the collection.

One Million Cubs Project Stats
Tuesday’s (12/25/2018) Cards: 8
Tuesday’s (12/25/2018) Packages: 0

Weekly Count: 6,517
Total Count: 250,325

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