Wheaties Stamps, Leaf Buybacks, and Fergie's New Book

With no mail arriving Tuesday, the mailman delivered on Wednesday. Four packages totaling 1,268 Cubs cards came in.

Lance from Arkansas tweeted last week a picture of a Mike Bielecki card. It was a buyback that Leaf released into boxes. This particular card is the 1990 Leaf Bielecki and it’s numbered 3/3.

The other single card package was an eBay purchase. Every now and then I’ll peruse eBay’s ending soonest Cubs auctions, and came across a 1964 Wheaties Stamps of Larry Jackson. Having never seen these before, I did a quick search of eBay to see other listings. They are few and far between, and at this time only two are listed (Jackson and Ron Santo).

A trade package from Kevin in New York arrived filled with 250 Cubs cards including a trio of newbies. In return, I sent Kevin 250 Olympics cards that I had tweeted out last week. Inside his box was a 2005 Topps Gold Greg Maddux highlights card.

In 2007 I was loosely collecting. I wasn’t buying new products, but I do recall collecting Bowman sets, and also heavily into through the mail (TTM) autographs. Cards from the mid-2000’s are probably the least amount I have from 1980 to now. Upper Deck had some bad sets (in my opinion) in this era, but this Momentum Swing Derrek Lee is nice.

From the same set is Carlos Zambrano First Pitch Aces. I miss Big Z!

On the doorstep was a medium flat rate box from Richmond, Texas. Cubs cards (1,016 total) were inside small boxes inside, and there were several new cards that were needed. Upon opening one box, much to my surpise was a 1983 Fleer Ryne Sandberg rookie card.

More to my surprise was that each packet was sorted numerically by player name. So sweet! That’s how I’m sorting my collection, and filing these will be a breeze. In the “W” packet….Billy Williams!

I was excited to get to the “B” packets, and staring back at me a small stack of Javier Baez.

A new Kris Bryant card for my collection. It’s a Home Run Challenge that Topps inserted into packs this year. This one is even unscratched.

Fergie Jenkins has a new book coming out about the 1969 Cubs, “1969 Cubs Long Remembered and Never Forgotten.”

I’ll probably pick up a copy next weekend at the Cubs Convention. Fergie Jenkins is always there. His 1971 Topps is a classic.

Another new card. This is the National Baseball Card Day card from this past year. Anthony Rizzo.

1984 Donruss is my favorite Donruss design by far. The 2002 Donruss Originals set is one set I’d like to put together at some point. Definitely, the Cubs set. These cards are not quite as common as other sets. Corey Patterson was one of my favorites in the early 2000’s, and this C-Pat on a 1984 Donruss design is beautiful.

One Million Cubs Project Stats
Wednesday’s (1/9/2019) Cards: 1,268
Wednesday’s (1/9/2019) Packages: 4
January Cubs Count: 2,329
Total Trades: 8
Trade States of Origin: Arkansas, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Texas (2), Wisconsin

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