Ernie Banks, Lou Brock, Cole Roederer, and I’m an Andre Dawson Super Collector

A little bit of everything was stuffed in my mailbox Monday. Literally stuffed. It was one of those times you have to jimmy boxes and bubble mailers to squeeze them out.

Five boxes and bubble mailers were additions to the Cubs collection, including three eBay purchased and a pair of trade packages.


Peter in Massachusetts shipped a package filled with Andre Dawson. A total of 109 “Hawk” cards.

In his note, Peter bestowed upon me the title of “1988 Donruss Andre Dawson Super Collector.”

There was even a couple new oddball Dawson cards for my collection.


The green card on the left looks like 1988 Score at first glance.

His package also included 20 Ryne Sandberg cards. Another two newbies for my collection. Also, Oddballs.

Nolesallday in Texas sent a box with 194 Cubs cards. I have happy memories of the 1998 Cubs team featuring Kerry Wood and Sammy Sosa.


This was also the year that I returned to the baseball card game after a few years off.

His box also included a pair of new cards: Anthony Rizzo and Ryne Sandberg.

My eBay shopping spree continues with three additions including a 1964 Topps Coin Lou Brock.


More vintage from 1963 Topps. I am pretty low on Ernie Banks cards from his playing days. The 1954 Topps rookie is number one on my want list, but decided I should add his other releases before taking the plunge on a rookie.

Cole Roederer is my Cubs prospect PC, and I picked up a 2018 Bowman Draft Chrome purple Refractor numbered 146/250.


It astonishes me how much prices on Bowman Draft have exploded the past couple years.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Monday’s (1/7/2019) Cards: 326

Monday’s (1/7/2019) Packages: 5

January Cubs Count: 1,061

Total Trades (2019): 5

Trade States of Origin: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Texas, Wisconsin

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