Does the One Million Cubs Project Accept Duplicates?

Yes! This is the most asked question regarding the One Million Cubs Project. Duplicates are welcomed in trades.

Per the Trading Card Database, there are only 130,516 Chicago Cubs cards. While not a complete checklist, it gives you an idea of how many unique Cubs cards have been made. Needless to say, there are far less than one million Cubs cards produced, so duplicates will defintely be needed in this project.

So, when Mark from Connecticut reached out and asked about taking duplicates, I said sure. He offered up some 1987 Topps Ryne Sandberg cards.

When I say “some,” to be more specific that means 701 Ryne Sandberg cards from 1987 Topps. There were a few other Ryno’s in this box.

And some newer stuff like Jorge Soler and Reed Johnson.

A new card for my collection – Travis Wood Rainbow foil.

In return, I’ll be shipping out 1,000 New York Yankees cards. Thanks, Mark!

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