2019 Bowman Retail Breaks – Cubs

It took a few days, but my local Target stores were stocked with Bowman this week. Release date was Wednesday, but my stores didn’t have Bowman on the shelves until Friday when the Excell vendor stocked it.

On my trip to my nearest Target Wednesday I saw the Excell boxes in the cashier lane next to the card section. This is where my Target puts the boxes after they arrive, and usually the Excell vendor will open and stock when he gets to that store.

In the past I have asked the Target manager to open the Excell box because I wanted to buy some of the contents inside. I was turned down.

When I went to a local Target store on Friday over my lunch break I caught the Excell rep, who had just stocked. We chatted for several minutes and I asked the question, “Can a Target employee open your boxes for me, or do they have to wait for you to open?”

“Of course they can! The earlier they get stocked, the more sales they can make,” the vendor told me. I informed him another Target store manager told me only the vendor could stock, so hopefully he told that store put those cards out when they arrive!

The release of Bowman also coincided with the toy coupon which gets you $10 off a $50 purchase or $25 on $100. Those are pre-tax amounts, so buying five blasters at $19.99 will only get you $10 off. Buy a loose pack of cards to push it over $100. By the way, when these sales come up you can get the coupon by texting TOY10 or TOY25 to 827438. Also, online purchases the coupon is automatically added for you so no code is needed. This week’s sale ended on Saturday, April 20.

Let’s get to the contents! I’ll be posting a separate entry on my Hits later. This is the Cubs only post. I made three trips and saved $75 using the sale. In all, I bought 11 blaster boxes and 16 value packs (the packs with the five camo parallels).

How about this? I only pulled one Nico Hoerner paper base, and EIGHT Francisco Arcia cards.

To be clear, you will get more veteran base in each pack than prospects, so it’s not surprising by this disparity. But, I did pull three Miguel Amaya paper base.

AND, a Miguel Amaya camo parallel.

Back to veteran base. There’s only three Cubs in the veteran checklist. Along with Arcia (a very strange inclusion if you ask me), there’s Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo.

The other prospects besides Amaya and Hoerner are Keegan Thompson and Aramis Ademan.

Chrome! Not an Amaya pulled, but I did get one each of the other three.

No Cubs hits, but I was very happy with some of the color I pulled. Stay tuned for part two…the HITS!

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