Mailday from Barry and Pokey

Friday saw two packages of Cubs cards arrive. One via trade with Barry, and other Mailday via goodwill from Pokey the Brave. Both are from twitter.

One tweeter reached out asking if I would be interested in buying a lot of Cubs cards. I politely declined as I am fairly picky on which Cubs cards I buy. Typically, I only buy cards I need, if I feel the price is right and it’s a good buy. I need a lot of cards, so I’m not always in the market to buy. Pokey the Brave reached out and said he would buy the lot and have it sent to me. How awesome!


The lot featured almost 200 newer Cubs cards. Pokey said he didn’t want anything in return, but that’s not my style. He will be getting a return package for the awesome gesture.

Barry reached out and sent me more than 500 Cubs cards. It was a lot of wide ranging years, dating back to the 1970’s. Next year, Topps Heritage will be featuring the 1971 Topps set. Looking forward to most of the 1970’s Topps sets being recreated for modern times with Topps Heritage (1976 and 1979 are blah, in my opinion, but the rest of the decade is awesome).

Ken Holtzman, Joe Decker, Glenn Beckert, Don Kessinger along with the Cubs rookie stars card of Jim Dunegan and Roe Skidmore.


Another favorite set from the 1970’s is the 1975 Topps set. Barry’s package include cards of Carmen Fanzone, Jim Todd, George Mitterwald, Chris Ward, and Ray Burris.

And there were some newer cards like this 2018 Topps insert of Javier Baez.


One Million Cubs Project Stats

Friday’s (4/26/2019) Cards: 683

Friday’s (4/26/2019) Packages: 2

January’s Cubs Count: 9,343

February’s Cubs Count: 8,980

March’s Cubs Count: 15,704

April’s Cubs Count: 11,525

Total Trades/Donations: 110

Trade States of Origin:

California (6)
Connecticut (8)

Florida (5)

Georgia (3)

Illinois (13)
Indiana (3)


Maryland (6)
Massachusetts (3)

Minnesota (2)

New Hampshire
New Jersey (7)
New York (9)
North Carolina (4)
Ohio (4)

Oregon (2)
Pennsylvania (3)

Rhode Island

South Carolina
Tennessee (4)
Texas (4)

Washington (3)

West Virginia
Wisconsin (9)

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