Happy Anniversary, Lee Elia Tirade

April 29, 1983 was not a good day for the Chicago Cubs after falling to the Los Angeles Dodgers at Wrigley Field to start the season with a 5-14 record. It wasn’t the play on the field that would be the worst, it was a post-game tirade to the media by manager Lee Elia that brought headlines the next day and still to this day nearly 40 years later.

The next day, April 30, 1983, the Chicago Tribune heavily edited the comments made by Elia.

“I get frustrated,” Elia told reporters after he calmed down a bit. That’s an understatement.

Here is the complete Lee Elia tirade in all it’s uncensored glory (not safe for work, and please don’t have the kids around).

Elia wasn’t fired after the tirade, but was let go later during the 1983 season. The former big league player would return to managing for the 1987 season with the Philadelphia Phillies for just two seasons.

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