Anthony Rizzo Serial Gold and Remember Olin Wick

Brian in Massachusetts sent a box of more than 500 Cubs cards, and it had some nice additions to my collection. What’s really neat is that he sent the cards in a vending box.

Originally, this vending box contained 1987 Topps cards based on the stamp on top. Also inside the package was a snap case with some Kyle Schwarber Diamond Kings rookies.

Also…a mini Gypsy Queen of Anthony Rizzo from 2016. It has a gold border and when I flipped it over….it’s numbered /50. Nice!

Ian Happ made the Legends in the Making Insert set in 2018 Topps.

Another serial numbered card and this from 2017 Donruss. Kyle Hendricks Dominator numbered 107/349.

Among the cards in the vending box was a 2005 Bowman Olin Wick. I barely remember Wick, and he was only in the Cubs system for a couple years. The catcher from Bellevue, Washington was a 48th round draft pick by the Cubs in 2004.

Wick appeared in a total of 97 games in the Cubs farm system from 2004 to 2006, topping out at high-A Daytona Cubs.

Today, Olin Wick is out of baseball and is an operations manager for Foushee, a general contracting company in the state of Washington.

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