Cubs Package from Florida is a Throwback Thursday with Cubs Stars

Jeremy in Florida sent a box of Cubs and it brought back some fun memories with players pictures on these pieces of cardboard.

Postage on this box ran $8.20, and this box would have easily fit inside a padded flat rate mailer for $7.55 or even a flat rate envelope for $6.95. That would have been a savings of $1.25! Any chance I get to pass along savings (especially shipping – it’s gotten really expensive), I will. Make sure you are using PayPal shipping , otherwise the discounts won’t be in effect if you pay at the post office desk.

Several cards featured players I have met in the past few years, like Steve Trout, pictured on this 1987 Topps card.

Trout offered to buy pizza for a few fans in his autograph line a couple years ago at the Cubs Convention. It was a short line and only three people took him up on the offer. Myself and two others had a small pizza party with Steve Trout.

Scott Sanderson recently passed away, and he was one of my favorites in the 1980’s. By the time this 1990 Donruss was released, Sanderson was in the twilight of his Cubs career.

At Kerry Wood’s fundraiser one year I happened to look over my shoulder and there was Scott. We chatted for a few minutes and was kind enough to take a picture.

Leon Durham is the most recent Cubs player from this group I met. It came a few months ago at Club 400.

1988 Topps is probably my least favorite Topps set, although the all-star subset is one of my favorites. Figure that out!

Speaking of Club 400, I just hung out with “Sarge” Gary Matthews last week.

This 1987 Topps card of Matthews was also on the tablecloth for his autograph signing.

Bob Dernier was also at Club 400 last week, and I’ve hung out with the “Deer” a few times over the years. My favorite was two years ago at Cubs Coventon when I sat with him and his wife for an hour talking about sites to visit in Italy. Dernier also posed for a picture last week with Crawly and I.

This isn’t the best image for a baseball card, but I absolutely love the 1986 Topps design.

I’ll save the Hall of Famer for last. Ryno! There were several Ryne Sandberg cards in this box, and it was hard to pick a favorite. I went with the 1997 Pinnacle Certified.

Sandberg was another Cubs player I’ve met a couple times throughout the years. This was taken at Harry Caray’s during Kerry Wood’s fundraiser three years ago.

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