2019 Topps Big League Review

It’s early! I was expecting a Topps Big League break next weekend. While at Target picking up a few things I took a gander at the card section and was surprised to see blasters of 2019 Topps Big League.

This was a product I was not looking forward to upon its release in 2018. I’m not a fan of Opening Day, and Big League is a similar low priced product. Blaster boxes are just $9.99.

It didn’t even catch my attention until I started ripping backs…there’s a box bottom card on each blaster. Technically, it’s on the side of the box.

Of my three blasters, my box bottom was Juan Soto and a pair of Mike Trout’s. Now I’ll have to check other boxes for Cubs this week. Speaking of Cubs, let’s get to the product review and I’ll start with my PC pulls. Leading off is Kyle Schwarber, and it’s a pretty bland image being used, though I do like the angle. It’s not a straight-on shot, so kudos there.

Another at bat card is Ben Zobrist, who is on the restricted list right now. It’s unknown what for, but it doesn’t sound good.

Jon Lester is throwing a pitch in this card.

The last Cubs card is an insert and it’s my favorite player, Javier Baez. A cool card for the “Blast Off” set. Love the clouds in the background.

On to a review of some other cards. Topps used some really cool images from what I pulled out of my three boxes. Some of the in-action photography is superb. There are also some fun shots, like Yolmer Sanchez of the Chicago White Sox pretending he’s running replay.

A couple of Gatorade showers make an appearance including Adam Frazier of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

My favorite is Andrew Heaney’s Gatorade shower. I absolutely love how Heaney is framed by the Gatorade and ice. This shot would look awesome blown up and framed. Wish it were a Cubs card!

Each blaster box includes a pack of four blue bordered cards. I didn’t pull any Cubs blue borders, so here’s a look what they look like with Oakland’s Franklin Barreto.

Overall, I grade this product an “A.” It’s super cheap, fun, a nice design, and great photos. If you’re looking for hits, this isn’t a product for you, but if you like a cheap break or fun photos, building sets, or opening with kids this is a fantastic set.

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