Santa Brought Some Cubs Baseball Cards on Christmas Day

Merry Christmas! Did Santa bring any baseball cards for you this year? I’ve been getting baseball cards under my tree (or in my stocking) since 1989. My mom would always stuff my stocking with packs of cards during the years I didn’t collect. I always opened them, and would stash them away in boxes only to break them out during my various returns to the hobby.


This year there was variety of cards. I received gift cards to eBay and Target (both of which will be used on baseball cards), packs of cards, and a couple binders and a box of junk era cards.

The box of junk era actually yielded some interesting cards.


First, there was 18 Cubs baseball cards in this stack of cards that included baseball, football, basketball, and some of the Desert Storm war cards.

Also inside was a 1990-91 NBA Hoops Michael Jordan basketball card. One thing that stood out, though, was that it had perforations on three sides of the card.

After a little Google and eBay detective work, along with some help via Twitter, it came from a sheet of Chicago Bulls cards that was sponsored by Osco Drug.


The sheets were apparently given away at stores, and not a stadium giveaway. At any rate, I was surprised to find a Michael Jordan card in this box of junk era cards.

The best card of the bunch was a non-sports card, though. Who was this middle-aged mom looking woman? Well, checking the back of the card it’s Ruth King from the Missionary of Parkcrest Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri.

My mom also picked up a couple binders of junk era baseball cards from an antique store.


More Cubs, some common stars, and that’s about it. In all, there were 78 Cubs cards added to my tally.

And I had to open the backs. The 2019 Topps Series 1 did yield an Albert Almora Cubs card, but no hits. No Cubs came in the 2014 Donruss on clearance or the 2019 Topps Big League. I love Bowman Platinum, and even moreso when it’s gifted. I pulled a Fernando Tatis Jr. rookie card.

And there was a purple parallel numbered /250 of Boston Red Sox prospect Triston Casas.

I have a few hours remaining to get 10% eBay Bucks (the 10% eBay Bucks expires at 11:59 p.m. PT tonight), so I better start browsing for Cubs cards and use up that gift card.


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