Hard to Top the First Cubs Mailday of 2020

While only 24 Cubs baseball cards arrived on the first mailday of 2020, it was quality over quantity. More on that in a bit.
On New Year’s Day I highlighted my goals for 2020. After writing them out and sleeping on it, I felt there needed to be an adjustment or addition for the One Million Cubs Project. Day after day my blog posts highlight maildays with statistics at the bottom. It’s a bit stale, and I love using Excel, so I wanted to try something different.
At times last year, I would do a player count on maildays. Voila! A running player card tracker for the year. Since I have not a Photoshop wiz, my wife turned me on to Canva. A plug and play site for infographics, and even a novice like myself can handle it. For my first two maildays of the year I counted the players and here’s the top 5 through January 3 (this includes a mailday not highlighted in this piece – stay tuned).​​SMLXL Admittedly, this may be difficult to keep on top throughout the year. While my average maildays are between 300 and 400 cards and that amount can be handled, it’s those bulk trades that bring in 10,000 Cubs cards (or even 30,000 cards) that may set me back. For the time being, it will be a fun addition to track.
Without further ado, let’s take a look at mailday number one for 2020. Thomas in Ohio sent a plain white envelope (PWE) with a Jon Lester and Alex Lange card. I’ll be sending an oddball Roger Maris card I found sorting his way.​​SMLXL Blake in New Mexico sent quite the package. He had messaged me a few weeks back with a Topps Heritage Minors pull, and I didn’t have anything to send in return for what he collects. He saw something from 2017 Elite Extra Edition I pulled, so I’ll be sending that to him along with some other Indians cards. Take a look at this beauty – a black border Miguel Amaya autograph numbered 14/50. ​​SMLXL Additionally, a new Kris Bryant card was added to the collection. I didn’t have any of the 2019 Bowman Holiday cards…until now.​​SMLXL And a 2019 Topps Holiday relic of Albert Almora. ​​SMLXL A pretty sweet start to the new year thanks to Blake and Thomas. 

One Million Cubs Project Stats
Thursday (1/1/20) Cards: 24

Tuesday (1/1/20) Packages: 2

January’s Cubs Count: 24

Total Trades/Donations: 2

Total Cubs Card Count: 395,122

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