Remember the Astrodome Sends a Box of Cubs Cards

Remember the Astrodome, a.k.a. Marc Brubaker, is a great Twitter follow and Houston Astros fan. His box of 254 Cubs baseball cards is the largest amount of Cubs cards received through three days of the new year. 
Because the Post Office is where I spend the third amount of my life (work and home rank numbers one and two), it’s something I notice when packages arrive. That being the labels and cost associated with the shipments that are sent to me.​​SMLXL This box from Marc really stood out. It’s a 300-count box and it cost $10.40 to ship. You can actually send TWO of these 300-count boxes inside a USPS padded flat rate envelope…and the cost – $7.55 using PayPal Shipping (you can use this for any mailing label as long as you have a PayPal account – it deducts the cost of postage right from your account). ​​SMLXL Marc’s note states he hopes a few of the enclosed Cubs cards are new to my collection, and there were some new cards.​​SMLXL At first glance, I thought this was a Brewers card because my eyes directly went to the All Star Game logo. It was from the 2002 All Star Game hosted by the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park. Nope, it’s Sammy Sosa! ​​SMLXL The next card is actually a Cubs AND Brewers card. From 2019 Topps it’s Ben Zobrist. And on the backside is Lorenzo Cain of the Brewers.​​SMLXL Topps Stickers are cards that don’t show up in too many trade packages, so it’s always nice to see them pop up. This Ian Happ sticker is from the 2018 Topps set. ​​SMLXL Thanks for the Cubs, Marc. I’ll be taking a look at your want list and sending some cards to Houston. 

One Million Cubs Project Stats
Friday (1/3/20) Cards: 254

Friday (1/3/20) Packages: 1

January’s Cubs Count: 278

Total Trades/Donations: 3

Total Cubs Card Count: 395,376

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