Saturday Cubs Mail Day from the Leprechaun

A bubble mailer sat in my mailbox when I visited the post office on Saturday. The name on the return address did not initially ring a bell. With the Liberty Township, Ohio address coupled with the last name it started to sound familiar.
I call him the leprechaun, Mike in Ohio. Why do I call him the leprechaun? Well, it’s actually not a great story because it’s his Twitter handle – @13leprechaun. Give him a follow, he’s a great guy.
The leprechaun also gets the first mail day photos using my new flash box. I love Amazon Prime, and here’s how my acquisition of a photo flash box went down. Throughout the life of this blog and tweeting out photos, I get those nasty light spots. Especially with the chrome cards, or cards in top loaders/penny sleeves. I had heard about flash boxes, but did not investigate or do my research…until Sunday.
As I was perusing Facebook one of those targeted ads popped up. It was for a flash box. I took the bait and clicked on the link. Immediately I was interested in this flash box…but $60? Seemed a little pricey. To Amazon I went. I’ve only shopped Amazon on occasion, usually for gifts for my wife (because she sends me direct links). It’s funny because I have been shopping on Amazon since the 1990’s when it was strictly an online book store. Jim Bouton’s “Ball Four,” bought it on Amazon – in 1999. ​​SMLXL After some researching I decided upon a flash box that seemed to fit my needs, and with my Amazon Prime (trial) membership it would be delivered next day. NEXT DAY?!? The only reason I have an Amazon trial membership is because there was a holiday special and I bought some Christmas gifts a few weeks ago. Must admit – Amazon Prime is legit…but not legit enough for me to pay for a membership as I’ll be cancelling the trial when it expires in a week. With all that said, my flash box was delivered about 24 hours later, and I’m able to test it out for this blog post.​​SMLXL Here’s an overview of what Mike the Leprechaun sent. Some good stuff, and it pushes my player count numbers up on the modern players. One modern player that was a nice addition in this package is a 2016 Topps Chrome Kyle Schwarber rookie card. ​​SMLXL Another Chrome is this 2019 Topps 35th anniversary insert of Ryne Sandberg. By the way, these tripod holders fit perfectly for cards and can be purchased at Michael’s hobby store (Hobby Lobby most likely has them, also). If you want them in bulk, check out Amazon, eBay, or BCW Supplies. ​​SMLXL Thanks for the Cubs baseball cards, Leprechaun, and it was fun testing out my new flash box.

One Million Cubs Project Stats
Saturday (1/4/20) Cards: 21

Saturday (1/4/20) Packages: 1

January’s Cubs Count: 299

Total Trades/Donations: 4

Total Cubs Card Count: 395,397

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