Surplus of Star Jerome Walton Cubs Cards

Jerome Walton was my favorite Chicago Cubs baseball player as a 7-year old during his run to the National League Rookie of the Year Award. His 1989 Upper Deck and 1989 Bowman cards still give me the warm fuzzies when I receive them in the mail.
A two-package mail day awaited me on Wednesday, and it included some pretty sweet Jerome Walton cards. The box of Cubs came from Donovan in Michigan, and look at these 1989 Star cards. A couple of them even erroneously have Walton as a member of the Chicago White Sox. Oh well, these are awesome cards. Love the late 80’s and early 90’s oddball/Broder cards.​​SMLXL Another new addition from Donovan was a Wrigley Field stadium giveaway. In 2001, the team gave out single baseball cards on various days. The cards are reprints of original Cubs greats. I have some Lee Smith cards, and a few others…but not the 1972 Topps Billy Williams. ​​SMLXL A true vintage card in the way of a Cuno Barragon. About a decade ago I was pretty hardcore in autograph collecting, especially through the mail (TTM). Barragon was a great signer and had a couple cards signed by the former Cubs catcher, including the 1962 Topps card as seen below.​​SMLXL More Broder cards from the 1980’s, and this is one of many Mark Grace cards that help move him above the century mark for 2020. ​​SMLXL After today’s mail day, Grace still sits atop the leaderboard, with Ryne Sandberg in second. Sammy Sosa moves into the top five at number three.​​SMLXL Another vintage oddball. This from the 1960’s Glen Hobbie. Hobbie is from my home state of Illinois. He is from Witt, Illinois. Fun fact: the now closed Witt High School mascot was the Speed Boys. Witt Speed Boys. Love it.​​SMLXL Recently, I tweeted out a CD-ROM card of Manny Ramirez (I think), and mentioned I didn’t think I had any Cubs CD-ROM cards. These became obsolete fast! ​​SMLXL And here’s the Chicago Cubs player you forgot played for the Chicago Cubs – Benito Santiago.​​SMLXL The second package also came from Michigan thanks to Aaron. He sent me the first 2019 Bowman’s Best Cubs cards including my favorite: Javier Baez.​​SMLXL And Kris Bryant.​​SMLXL The next card is just great. My favorite current Cubs player Javier Baez and everybody’s favorite all-time Cub, Ernie Banks.​​SMLXL

One Million Cubs Project Stats
Wednesday’s (1/8/20) Cards: 395

Wednesday’s (1/8/20) Packages: 2

January’s Cubs Count: 1,900

Total Trades/Donations: 10

Total Cubs Card Count: 396,998

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