Double Dose of Cubs Packages From Two Repeat Traders

A total of three packages were delivered on Thursday. What did those packages have inside? You guessed it: Cubs baseball cards. Andy in Buffalo (@SoCalHobbyClub) sent a medium flat rate box of Cubs goodies, and Steve in Akron sent two separate packages.
Take a gander at what’s inside this flat rate box! Andy is a Ryan McMahon super collector, and I’m always in search of McMahon cards to add to his collection. I have also set aside a few other goodies for him when I send back a return package later this month.​​SMLXL Not only did Andy send a bunch of Cubs baseball cards (we’ll get into those in a moment) he added some non-Cubs stuff: Ozzie Albies box topper, some 2003 Topps Bazooka packs, and a couple packs of Topps Coins from Archives. ​​SMLXL In my previous mail day I received the first 2019 Bowman’s Best for my collection. Andy gave that Bowman’s Best a little boost with a few more cards that are new to me like this Javier Baez refractor.​​SMLXL How about this Kris Bryant refractor serial numbered /150.​​SMLXL Wait…there’s more. A nice hit. Kyle Schwarber autograph numbered 88/99.​​SMLXL There were plenty of 2019 Topps Heritage Minors cards, including a Nico Hoerner jersey relic card. AND a second Hoerner jersey relic. This one numbered 6/50.​​SMLXL A manufactured relic of Andre Dawson.​​SMLXL I love that Andy includes separate envelopes of the hits. It’s like the box topper packages in Topps Heritage. While I do enjoy randomly inserted “hits” when searching through boxes, it’s also cool to know where the hits are and save them for last. The case hit is the 1978 Topps team card slabbed PSA 9. Very cool!​​SMLXL Steve in Akron sent two packages. That’s because one of the items would not fit with the rest. It was a Kris Bryant box topper from Topps Gallery.​​SMLXL He also added a slabbed card. It’s a 2016 Topps World Series Ben Zobrist BCCG 10. I am starting to come around to slabbed cards. Last year I even went out seeking certain graded and authenticated cards.​​SMLXL And a Kris Bryant 150th stamped Topps card. I asked Steve to pick some cards out of eBay Store for a return package, which I sent in one package. The second item is a surprise and wouldn’t fit with the rest of the cards. Hope he enjoys!​​SMLXL Through this mail day, here’s the updated player rankings of Cubs baseball cards received so far in 2020. Not a bad top five for volume. ​​SMLXL

One Million Cubs Project Stats
Thursday’s (1/9/20) Cards: 435

Thursday’s (1/9/20) Packages: 2

January’s Cubs Count: 2,335

Total Trades/Donations: 12

Total Cubs Card Count: 397,433

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