Reviewing the Wal-Mart 50-Pack Bundles for $20

The baseball card buzz heading into 2019 was a sale at I was first alerted to this deal on the Blowout Forums. Wal-Mart was selling 50 PACKS of baseball cards for only $20. Sounds too good to be true, right? No, it was legit.


To me it did sound too good to be true at first glance. So, I lurked and followed the thread on the forum and waited for others to post what they received. My thought was it was going to be a box filled with 1988 Donruss and 1991 Fleer packs. Well, the early results came in and it was actually a decent mix of packs.

So, I placed an order for 250 packs. That was dropping $100 on 250 packs of baseball cards. Even if a majority of junk era cards, I felt this was a good deal. The entertainment value alone is worth that price tag.


Just think…that’s the equivalent of one hobby box or five blaster boxes. There will likely be a bunch of junk, but who knows what else could be inside these boxes. Take a look at my results…

All in all, the contents of the packs were nothing overwhelming. There were some base rookies of Kris Bryant, Alex Bregman, and Aaron Judge. If you enjoy opening packs of baseball cards at a low price point, it is up your alley. If you’re looking for flip value and hits just steer clear.


Here is the link to Wal-Mart’s deal of 50 packs for $20. It has been sold out for several months. Throughout 2019, it would go back in stock for a limited time. I do check back from time to time because they have not taken the listing off line, so there’s still hope. Are you a hockey card collector? There is also a listing for 50 packs of hockey cards for $20. It is also currently sold out as of this writing.

If you are perusing Wal-Mart’s website looking for similar sales, be careful. There are listings that are a bit deceiving with 300 cards in packs. At a quick glance it could read differently and sound like a better deal than it is.

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