2020 Bowman Blaster Box Break

Round two – fight!

That’s my poor attempt at mixing in some Street Fighter into my blog. One of my friends has one of those arcades that has all games on it. So, we have Street Fighter tournaments. E. Honda is my go-to, but from friend Adam has some crazy Street Fighter skill and always kicks my butt.


Anyway, this post has nothing to do with Street Fighter, but it does have to do with the second round of 2020 Bowman box breaks. Last week, I found some boxes of Bowman as a Target was being stocked, and these were my initial hits from 2020 Bowman.

I had a hunch that stores would start getting restocked today. Most of the retail stores in my area are restocked on Thursday or Friday. So, I made a quick run and sure enough….SEVEN blaster boxes of 2020 Bowman stared at me.


Someone had already been in the store as half of the display had been taken, but the seven boxes remaining had some nice hits. Just look at what came in the very first blaster box I opened.

A Jasson Dominguez Bowman Chrome. I pulled one of these out of my purchases last week. If you are interested, I do have the 2020 Bowman Chrome Jasson Dominguez listed in my eBay Store.

Jarred Kelenic blue paper /150 was in the same blaster as the Dominguez Chrome. The Jarred Kelenic card is also up for sale in my eBay Store.

Not only that, but a SECOND serial numbered card came in this one blaster box. It is a speckle refractor Alec Bohm numbered /299. You can find the 2020 Bowman Chrome Alec Bohm speckle refractor in my eBay Store.

Out of the seven blaster boxes, I did pull one autograph. The autograph is of Twins prospect Jhoan Duran. The Duran auto is a retail exclusive.

I pulled two refractors numbered /499. The first is a 1st Bowman Chrome Niko Hulsizer from the Tampa Bay Rays.

The second refractor is San Francisco Giants prospect Heliot Ramos.

My second Jasson Dominguez pull out of these seven boxes. This is the standard paper version of the Yankees uber prospect.

Another Bobby Witt Jr. 1st Bowman Chrome card, and shortly after it was listed on eBay it sold.

Finally, a nice green shimmer wave refractor. This is Cleveland Indians prospect Oscar Gonzalez numbered 45/99. The Gonzalez is also for sale in my eBay Store.

Overall, this was another fun Bowman break. You can’t beat the price of a $19.99 blaster box of this product. And…it’s such a fun break. I may hop around this weekend in search of more, especially since my Wal-Mart pre-orders were cancelled.

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